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Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering has been actively involved in engineering, fabrication, construction, hook-up, commissioning, servicing and trading activities mainly for the Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, marine and oil palm industries.

In line with the company's mission of broadening its existing participation in the commercial and industrial sectors of the Malaysian economy and internationally, MASER is constantly seeking reputable local and international opportunities in joint ventures and strategic alliances with reputable local and international partners for purposes of technology sharing, acquiring management excellence and engineering expertise for the above mentioned industries.

MASER believes that a high level of productivity and competency is achievable in meeting the demanding requirements of its clients in these industries, given the strength of its well-trained and professional staff who are constantly striving for customer service excellence.

MASER also seeks to expand its involvement in trading and distribution of engineering products and after-sales service to the various industries.

With the rapid expansion of the Oil Gas industry in Malaysia and in the region, MASER, with its proven delivery excellence in engineering services and products, is poised to become a major force in the industry.

Email: mme@maser.com.my