Oil & Gas
Trading Services

Trading & Services

Trading and Services Division was set up primarily to service the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors. We provide mechanical and electrical services to major corporations in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, refinery and power generation sectors.

Our scope of work involves refurbishment of machine parts, supply of spare, in-situ repairs and maintenance, on-line condition-monitoring systems, reverse engineering/manufacturing and cryogenic cleaning.

The mechanical services cater mainly to power generation equipment such as gas turbines, components refurbishment and in-situ repairs.

In view of its extensive range of works handled over the years, this division has established a reputable record of providing quality service ahead of schedule.

Project Organization and Management

We place high importance in project management to ensure our customer are satisfied with high quality delivery.

Our core value delivery to out customer:

  • Design and engineering
  • Fabrication / Quality Control
  • Fdelivery
  • Installation
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Training

Since incorporation, we have engaged in various field of mechanical & Electrical engineering and specialist installations covering:

  • Fire Protection System
  • Instrument & System Controls
  • Water Pumping System
  • Electrical Services
  • Public Address System
  • Building Telecommunications
  • Compresses Air System
  • Fuel Oil Piping
  • Compressor Turbine Washing Skid
  • Plumbing System

Dedication and Professionalism

With years of dedication and professionalism in providing engineering works and services, we are recognized engineering company in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our healthy strong financial standing has continued to provide assurance to our customer in completion of projects and even most complec undertakings that requires investments and capital outlay.

Our track records in major project include:

  • Thermal / Hydro Power Plants
  • Tank Farm Bulk Storage
  • High Rise Building / Complexes
  • Factories
  • High Hazzard Jetties / Ports
  • Steel Mills / Paper Mills
  • Petrol and Chemical Plants
  • Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Electrical Sub-Stations

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