Total Water Management

Cooling Services

A specialized subsidiary namely Maser Cooling Services Sdn Bhd is formed to provide Cooling Tower related services, HVAC System enhancement, Design and Engineering, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Comprehensive and Preventive Maintenance, Civil Works and Engineering services.

Our belief is, investing in people and technology, with a core team of over 250 man years of hands-on engineering and management experience.

Our vision is concentrated on demonstrating a strategic approach that eventually translates into pragmatic operational solutions. In this way client is assured of acquiring the best available leading edge service over a defined time-scale, integrated with client’s business objectives.

Our management style is built on the principle of “Smart Minds on Strong Legs”, where we introduce innovative and proven methodologies and practices to allow our staff to be performance driven and feel empowered to produce a high standard of delivery to the end users. This makes the operation extremely cost effective and offers continuing service improvement.
Our Mission is to demonstrate the capability of MCS to effectively undertake the task of efficiently managing all the given projects.