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Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas

Gas & Chemicals Division is predominantly involved in businesses related to trading and manufacturing of various types of gases and chemicals. These include:

  • Industrial gases like Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Gas Mixtures
  • Energy-based products like Coal, LPG, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Crude Oil and Methanol
  • Fertilizers like Urea and Ammonia

Currently we supply Liquid Argon in specially-designed vacuum insulated transport tanks to local customers as well as exporting them to India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. Plans are underway to expand the export market to Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar and the Middle East. We have already established a joint-venture company in India dealing with industrial gases and plan to do the same in Vietnam and Pakistan.

We are also in the process of supplying Urea fertilizers to customers in South East Asian region as well as Coal from Indonesia to customers in Malaysia and India.

There are already firm plans to establish a joint-venture to invest in Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas activities in Indonesia , while at the same we are aggressively exploring the import of Argon from various sources for export to other countries in the region.


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