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Offshore Drilling Equipment

Offshore Drilling Equipment

This Offshore Drilling Equipment Division plays an integral role as a supplier of major equipment for the offshore drilling sector.

This division began as a supplier of specialized equipment and services catering to the needs of offshore oil exploration and production facilities. Today, it has broadened its scope of works to include providing general consultancy and workover solutions to offshore oil companies.

We are proud to be the exclusive agent for the Hydril range of premium connections as well as pressure control products, especially when Hydril is the pioneer of such products used in extremely hostile conditions. Their products are the result of top quality manufacturing using the latest technological tools and skills which meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

We also have trained personnel to handle marketing, after sales service and follow-up. The long standing business relations we have developed with our major clients underscore MASER's reputation as a serious participant in the Oil & Gas industry operations.