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Mateck Sdn. Bhd. is a business organization formed in 2009, the company is built on strengths of two reputable organizations from Malaysia and Myanmar. The culmination of this combined strength makes Mateck a resourceful, influential, agile and competitive company.

With the synergetic competence, Mateck is capable of venturing into diversified business initiatives. Mateck believes in the spirit of pioneering, innovation and dynamism, which sustainably allows Mateck to confidently step into uncharted business areas. Currently, Mateck is constantly growing and looking ahead in the quest for newer, more promising and more challenging prospects.

In consistence with Government’s strategy to develop agriculture and thereby developing other sectors of the economy, Mateck is vigorously involving in agricultural product trading. Mateck is committed in strengthening export capacities not only for the development in Malaysia-Myanmar agricultural sector but also for the supply of global food demands. Our operations provide a very strategic role in managing the exports, warehousing and logistics of the agricultural commodities to make trans-shipment easy, efficient and cost-effective.

In response to the forces of globalization which demand for international partnerships; regional joint-ventures are formed and various projects are implemented in Malaysia and Myanmar. Mateck Sdn. Bhd. will emphasize its future directions towards expanding to any areas of promising potentials.

Email: nazi@maser.com.my | syed@maser.com.my